Published on April 24, 2015 by HVACR.TV

The ProVent single stack system uses half the labor & materials over a conventional DWV drainage system. The special PVC ProVent fittings eliminate the need for main vent stacks and revents. Plumbing contractors that do multi-story hotel and apartment type work will make more profit and also keep up with all the fast track jobs. ProVent will help contractors with piping layouts and riser drawings to obtain plumbing approvals. The plumbing code allows this kind of alternate system and has been used for more than fifty years using cast iron Sovent. ProVent is the same type system but uses PVC. This fitting reduces the flow velocities in plumbing stacks and controls interior air pressures that could cause siphonage and blowouts of fixture traps. The PVC fitting greatly reduces the water noises normally associated with plastic piping systems.

Features & Benefits: Significant reduction in pipe & fittings Savings in materials & labor Improved performance Makes it easy to stay on or ahead of schedule Allows for pipe expansion & contraction Non-corrosive Easy to install and handle No hangers required Fits inside drop ceilings Fits plumbing walls Self-supporting

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