Published on May 24, 2015 by HVACR.TV

The kWh Smart Saver makes HVAC and refrigeration motors more efficient by capturing and recycling lost energy and releasing it back to the motor when needed. This recycling process reduces the amount of kilowatt usage, dramatically lowering electric bills while extending the life of the motor. The unit is installed to an electric panel or directly to a motor and takes only 20 minutes to install. The KS unit also removes harmonics and the “S” models provide whole-home surge protection against spikes and surges. When installed directly at the load KS units reduce the AMP draw, protecting HVAC and refrigeration equipment and lowering utility bills.

Features & Benefits: Electricity Bill Savings up to 25% or more Includes 5 Year Warranty Made in USA private label & exclusive UL certification. Dealers typically make $200-$300 per unit with installation Meets UL safety requirements Installation Instructions & Pictured Wiring Diagram Included. Also works on heat pumps, pool pumps, refrigerators, washers, dryers, etc.

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