Published on July 31, 2020 by EffectiV HVAC

Taking high induction diffusers to the next level.

AXO-TWIN Dual Flow High Induction Swirl Diffuser is designed to achieve greater air mixing, thermal comfort and energy efficiency in VAV installations.

AXO-TWIN provides an optimal performance for air volumes varying between 70 cfm and 320 cfm. Thanks to the innovative and patent pending design of its dual chamber plenum, AXO-TWIN diffuser self-adjusts in order to let the air pass through more or fewer induction vanes based on the volume of air, resulting in a more stable performance in VAV applications. At low cfm, the air is diffused through the outer circle of induction vanes. At high cfm, the inner chamber opens and the air is diffused through the entire surface of the diffuser. The adjustment is completely autonomous and doesn’t require any special configuration, controls nor electricity.

The direct outcome is a more stable throw, air velocity and induction ratio in VAV applications.

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